Reinforced methacrylate print, Rug-effect aluminium print and Canvas print

For any and all of our panoramic, horizontal and vertical pictures, at Ibiza Ohlala we offer you three different finishes: reinforced methacrylate, rug-effect aluminium and canvas.

  • All 100% manufactured in Germany, where top print quality is guaranteed.
  • Choice of three different styles, personalised to the precise cm, to convert your professional photographs into pictures under our option of ‘Your photo as wall art’
  • The reinforced methacrylate and rug-effect styles are delivered with a high quality aluminium stretcher frame so that your piece will be completely ready to hang.


The picture style most often employed in art galleries.

Ibiza Ohlala offers you the most modern and elegant finish for decorating with prints, its simultaneous effect of crystal clarity and depth lead to unbeatable sharpness for professional photographs.

This technique is the one that is most used in art galleries around the world. Why not use it for your home or office too?

The technique uses for these pictures is printing on two materials: first on a 2mm thick methacrylate panel and the second on a 3mm dibond aluminium panel to strengthen it, leading to a rigid and secure large format piece 5mm thick.

Sharpness and resolution are obtained with direct six ink LED UV printing, including light inks.

We add a shiny finish to all of our pieces in reinforced methacrylate to add a final and most impressive luminosity.

Possibility of custom sizes for our entire photography collection.

Delivered with an aluminium stretcher frame for hanging.


Polished aluminium picture, especially for black and white prints.
This print style has areas in which lighter colours stand out, achieving reflections that give the image a real appearance, adding a modern and professional touch.

The rug-effect technique consists of printing directly on a 3mm thick aluminium panel, where the final outcome is an elegant aluminium piece and, in parallel, resistant to sunlight and humidity.

Possibility of custom sizes for our entire photography collection.

Delivered with an aluminium stretcher frame for hanging.


Prints on canvas provide a more natural, yet extremely elegant, touch, due to the high resolution of our landscape photographs.

Photographic quality on canvas is achieved by the highest quality latex printing.

Our canvas prints are presented in a 2cm wide frame, producing a three dimensional effect, on an authentic wood stretcher frame.

Three styles for decorating different areas with artwork!

Liven up your walls with professional photography by Jose Reina, whose artwork features signature landscapes from Ibiza & Formentera.

We customise our pictures to the exact cm for you so that you can hang the piece exactly where you want with an exact measurement.

If you have your own professional photos from some special event and you’ve decided to frame that moment for posterity.